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"I have been a client of Greg's for over ten years.  I was his client when he worked in a high end Cosmetic Surgery Clinic where he did the majority of injections, so I know I am getting high end services at the not so high end prices!  Results are what matters most, and Greg consistently delivers whether it be for my Botox injections, or filler with Juvederm or Voluma.  He is very gentle, takes his time, listens well, and understands exactly what goals I am trying to achieve.  It was easy to get an appointment, and in the case that I needed a bit of a touch up, I was able to get in quickly and he was happy to provide it at no charge.  I am very pleased with his services and look forward to many more!"  - Jaclyn , Esthetician

“In my experience, there’s Botox then there’s honest, professional, up-to-date, conscientious, meticulous, gentle application of Botox. Results can range depending on the medical professionals technique, current training, experience and appropriate reconstitution ratio of ingredients. Rest assured you are in the best hands in the Northwest with Greg Pintor, MS CLS PA-C . For my exclusive clientel, I refer to Greg Pintor to get these optimal services and he consistantly delivers excellent results. Thank you Greg, for making us feel beautiful!”

JL, Esthetician

“I have had botox and juvederm from several “top notch” Seattle providers, but none with the precision and WOW results as our own “Dr Greg.” Let’s face it (yes, pun intended) all procedures involving a needle have a varying degree of discomfort, but with Greg I am relieved to say, “is that it?” I get better results and less bruising with Greg than anyone else. If only I could count how many times I have said to other woman…“OH YOU MUST USE GREG PINTOR~HE IS THE BEST!”

Donna M

“I just wanted to testify what an outstanding job Greg does with Botox! I have had Botox at several different locations and Greg by far is the best! I have the best “eye lift” when he does the very tricky area on the outside of my eyes. I would refer him to anyone whom is looking for Botox from the best!”

Nicole G.

Redmond, WA

As a former colleague of Greg, I can attest to his high degree of professionalism and integrity. Greg has an eye for detail and is highly skilled in the clinic, treatment room and the operating room. He is known as an intelligent and highly competent practitoner who is compassionate and listens to the needs of his patients.





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